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You Blew (1988)

“You Blew” was the third German single release from La Toya’s “You’re Gonna Get Rocked” album, following “(Ain’t Nobody Loves You) Like I Do” and the title track.

La Toya performed the song in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men” in March 1989 and on two German TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s “Na Siehste!”


Yeah – yeah, I like this – I know you do – uh!

Once more, you’re rushin’ out my door
I guess you got exactly what you came here for, you’re such a bore
Three times I called your beeper number, I guess you left it off again
Maybe you just want a plaything or a friend (na na na na na na na na na na)

Hike your Nikes ‘cos I’m through with you, you’re just another boy I thought I knew
You know what time it is, so bust a move, I think it’s time I found somebody new
Guess what? You blew!

Check it out – Yeah, yeah, oh… in the place to be

Such a shame, why must we play this game?
I don’t think I can trust ya ’cos men are all the same
(I can’t live witcha, I can’t live without ya)

We was cool, we lived by our own rules
December lovers, you played me for an April fool
Don’t waste my time if you’re runnin’ those same old lines

Oh baby (na na na na na na na na na na)

Ah yeah yeah yeah (c’mon take it to the bridge, oh)

One more chance is all I need from you, it’s time to find somebody new
My waiting days are over, simply put, you blew!

Yeah (hold it now, wait!)
Believe that! Believe what? What, did I stutter? Check it out! Butter!

Broken hearts can mend, friend, but don’t depend on this Toy

To give you what you want, boy ‘cos that ain’t right, right?
FF got my back, just in case you act whack
You better treat me like you should, understood? Good!

Yeah, yeah, ooh, ooh yeah, get busy! You blew!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, ooh baby

Hey baby, I’ll teach you your ABCs, I’ll be there – all right

Just like your brother used to say, I want you back

Ooh baby, ooh baby, you blew! Who, me?

(FULL FORCE) Imagem Music. Produced & arranged by FULL FORCE. Engineered by Tony Maserati. Mixed by FULL FORCE & Roey Shamir. Assistants: David Dill, Randy Mahon Jr, Arthur Steur & Eric Wells. Music performed by FULL FORCE. Background vocals: FULL FORCE & LA TOYA JACKSON. Recorded at Sigma Sound, NY. Mixed at Unique Recordings, NY.