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Night Time Lover (1980)

“Night Time Lover” is the second single from La Toya’s debut album. The track was produced by her brother Michael, who provides vocals on the chorus. They had originally wrote the song as “Fire Is The Feeling” for Donna Summer, who never recorded it.

The song peaked at #59 on the Billboard Hot Black Singles chart. In La Toya’s 1991 autobiography, “La Toya: Growing Up In The Jackson Family,” she revealed that Michael changed production at the last minute to make sure that it would not overshadow the success of his album “Off The Wall.” The said mix of the song is rumored to have appeared in the Jackson family auction in Las Vegas as item 553 “Night Time Lover Monitor Mix 2-12-80”.

Bobby DeBarge of Switch, who was courting La Toya at the time, wrote the 1980 song “You and I” in response. The song begins: “You know, I was listening to the radio the other day, And I heard the words that you said that I’m your Night Time Lover.”

La Toya performed the song on the November 10, 1980 episode of the Dutch TV program TopPop and a month later on the December 13, 1980 episode of American Bandstand.


You touched me
You touched me
And I never knew
The power, it forces you
A feeling so strong, I long
To keep you near me

Give me, give me
All you’ve got to give
Don’t deny just say you will
Heat’s coming on
Your touch is strong
I’m burning

Baby, save my soul tonight
I need your loving
This is right for me
Your touch is strong, you see
Can I hold on and be
Your night time lover

With your touch, with your warm touch
You can’t be heard
Hold me closer a thousand years
Your lips touch mine, a sign
That you do love me

Tell me, tell me everything you know
Hold me tighter and don’t let go
I feel what you feel
It’s strong, it’s real
I’m burning

Baby, this is the night time
Honey we’re taking our time
Moonlight, I feel the stars shine
Love me for a lifetime
Night time is your time

Your night time lover ooh ooh